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CDN Newsgroup

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In the early days of Creatures, Creature Labs' Creatures Developer Network newgroup used to be found at, full of Creatures fans and developers. The newsgroups it contained included:

  • cdn.announce.beta
  • cdn.announce.helpwanted
  • cdn.discuss.cob
  • cdn.discuss.general
  • cdn.discuss.genome
  • cdn.discuss.worldbuilding
  • cdn.news
  • support.announce
  • support.c1.general
  • support.c2.general
  • support.c3.general
  • support.cie.general
  • support.creatures.network
  • support.creatures.newbies
  • support.ds.general
  • support.ds.online
  • support.mall
  • support.other
  • support.seamonkeys.general
  • support.test

The newsgroup was later replaced by the official Docking Station Forum.

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