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CCSF 2022

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The CCSF 2022 is the 19th annual Creatures Community Spirit Festival. It was planned to run from November 20 to November 26, but due to technical difficulties with the planned wolfling run and extra submissions, it was extended to November 29.

Coordinator and theme voting[edit]

Options for coordinator were: mea, Freylaverse, EemFoo, CosmicSynthetics or GirlySatan.

Themes proposed were: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Cheese, Space, Stars, and Skies, Gardening, Gadgets and Gizmos, "It's Getting Hot in Here!", Lost & Found, Revival, Albian Folktales.

The coordinator was chosen to be EemFoo and the theme was chosen to be Space, Stars, and Skies.

Wolfling run[edit]

There are 19 slots total in the wolfling run. These teams are broken into four teams of five and will be played out on a new metaroom!

Each team will have a 'flavour' of sprite breeds - Team Purple will be official C3/DS breeds, Team Blue will be unofficial C3/DS breeds, Team Red will be C2/C1 style C3/DS breeds and Team Yellow will be anything goes. Unlike in previous years, the genetics of entrants is up to the community rather than standardised.

It was asked that submissions be sent to EemFoo on Discord before August 15th.


Some releases can only be found in an easter egg hunt through Eem Foo's Archive by following hints on the daily posts.


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