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CCSF 2013

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CCSF 2013 was hosted by Creatures Caves and can be found here. It was coordinated by a team, which was Jessica, DarbyDoo, Laura, and Ghosthande. It also had a host/mascot, Chester the rabbit!



Freedom Project by Ghosthande
Deep Abyss by Grendel Man and Mea
Sea Monkey Marina by Clohse


Colorful Flower Pack by HavenHoney and Laura
Fruit Sculpture by Ghosthande
Pobble by Clohse
Chester the Rabbit by Clohse
Awkwood Hanging Basket by Clohse
Mass Exporter by Clohse
Petz Treat Pack by Laura
Roast Mock Ettin by Ylukyun


Felis Norns by InsanityPrelude
Colortrue Gaius by Jessica
Tera Grendels by HavenHoney
Updated Gaius by Jessica
Four Season Norns by HavenHoney
Colorful Grendels by Grendel Man


Zombie Creatures by Mea
Miserable Grendels by KittyTikara



A Norn Couple Drawing by Norn_XXL
Ettin Exploration Equipment by Sam999
Water Lilies Sprites by Mea
Lesser Redcap Mushroom Sprites by Mea
Redcap Mushroom Sprites by Mea
Weird Plant Sprites by Mea
Grass Sprites by Mea
Bulby Plant Sprites by Mea
Iceshroom Sprites by Mea
Blue Fire Lantern Sprites by Mea
Coral Set 1 by Mea
Other Coral Sprites by Mea
Bakery Explosion Sprites by Mea
Desert Wasteland Sprites by Mea
Creatures Caves Userbar by Eprillios
Creatures 1 Fan Userbar by Eprillios
Aquatic Userbar by Eprillios
Fallow Userbar by Eprillios
Hardman Userbar by Eprillios Zebra Userbar by Eprillios
Creatures 2 Userbar by Eprillios
Toxic Norn Userbar by Eprillios
Harlequin Userbar by Eprillios
CC Chat Userbar by Eprillios
Linux Userbar by Eprillios
Siamese Norn Userbar by Eprillios
Banshee Userbar by Eprillios
Random Plant Ideas by KittyTikara
Swamp Pod Plans by KittyTikara


Sometime in 2021 by Eprillios


Ask Laura Column by Laura
Interview with GirlySatan
Article from Steve Grand
CCSF 2013 Coloring Pages by DarbyDoo
Chester Coloring Page by Darby
Metaroom Ideas by LoverIan
Creatures Audiobook Project by C-Rex
Recent Community Releases by Jessica
Many articles reposted by Malkin