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CCSF 2011

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The Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2011 ran for two weeks, from Tuesday November 1st to the 14th, with a surprise additional day on November 15th. The coordinator was Laura, with AquaShee assisting.

The theme was 'New Faces: new users, creators starting small, and perhaps a new game to boot', i.e. The Creatures fans and games of 2011, established by the results of a theme survey. Each Creatures fan who contributed at least one item to the festival got a featured mention.

Alternate proposals for themes included "Technology and Inventions: highlighting Ettins, Shee, gadgetry and machines.", "Legacy, Past and Future: highlighting time capsules, the Creatures legacy, old charm and what's still to come.", "Frontiers: jungles, deserts, and other frontiers around the world.", "Season's Greetings: any holiday from any corner of the globe.", "Kaleidoscope: a whirlwind of fantasy, fairytale, carnival and fairground fun.", "A Beach Theme.", "Realism.", and "No Theme."



There were three competions this year, with the Platinum Cupid's Halo, an exclusive prize created by Ghosthande, awarded to each winner!


The sheer volume of submissions this year was simply overwhelming. With over forty releases, enough to fill both Shee Ark airlocks and then some, Laura believes that the CCSF 2011 has set a new record for festivals to come!


Portal Object Pack - Ghosthande
Gaius Fix and Expanded Pack -Ghosthande
More Pack - Ylukyun
Wheatley Hand Replacement - Tercerois2cool
TP2DS Pack - Malkin
Applejack - Laura
Dynamic Blooming Flowers - Ghosthande
Remade C3/DS Egg Agents - AquaShard
My Little Ponies - Laura
Pink Cart - Laura
Multiplying Cheese - Ylukyun
Cupid's Halo - Ghosthande
Platinum Cupid's Halo* - Ghosthande
Lemonade Vendor - CuteIzzy21/Marvin42
Biodome Object Pack - Liam, Moe, Ghosthande, Amaikokonut, Soliloquy, AquaShee and Sent

Amaikokonut's Agents[edit]

Protective Tub Autonamer
Magic Words: Core
Magic Words: SERU
Magic Words: Cloning Module
Magic Words: Template
Magic Words: Love and War
Advanced Muco
Peaceful Death Script
Interactive Egg Script
Catalogue Tester


Scribble Room Alpha - AquaShee and Creatures Community Members
The Hub V1 - Annex
Past Seas - Grendel Man and Nirax
The Biodome - Liam and Creatures Community Members
Veridia - Soliloquy and Liam
Devil's Reef - Ghosthande


Salamander Norns - C-Rex
Forest CFE Treehugger Norns - Malkin
Golden Desert CFE Norns for Creatures 3 and Docking Station - Razgriz
Updated Canny Ettins for Creatures 2 - Jessica (Discover Albia)
Hippychicken Starter Pair - Gumbo
Banshee Hydrolisks - Grendel Man
Creatures 1 No-Mutate Norns - Jessica (Discover Albia)
Improved Creatures 2 Weasley Norns -Vatrena
Assassin Norns - CuteIzzy21/Marvin42
Deep Norns - Ghosthande


Burton the Tiger Grendel - sam999
Old 3D artworks of the Creatures 1 incubator, Creatures 2 submarine, a Snapweed and the first-ever incubator, based around his fanfiction, The Shee Chronicles - ArchDragon
What Will You Become? - Mea
Ettin - Ylukyun
Minus and Tyrone Character Sheets from the upcoming comic Albian Creatures - HolyTomato
Greetings to Everyone! - Razgriz
Christine - sam999


The Tolthian Creature Tales Book One: A World Divided - Jessica (Discover Albia)
Eat Hand Parody - sam999
Creatures 1: As Life Began Chapters One and Two - ArchDragon


The Hatchling - NornBreeder
A Ditty on the Creatures Community - Marvolo323


Creatures 1 Tour: Part I and Part II Jessica (Discover Albia)
C3/DS World Concept Two-Part Series: Watching the C3/DS World Come Alive and Determining the Alpha Female Norn in C3/DS - Jessica (Discover Albia)
Grendel Jungle Competition Footage - Pirate-Rob
Docking Station Features - Pirate-Rob


Nirax's Little Creatures Page - Nirax


Happy CCSF 2011! Banner - Ylukyun
Flexible Purple Mountain Norn Norndoll Photographs - Grendelle/Terra
Woodwork Gaia Photographs - sam999
Time to Leave the Ship 3D Wallpaper - ArchDragon
Bits and Pieces and Jungle Desktop Wallpapers - Caotic
Creatures 1 Discover Albia Norns - Jessica (Discover Albia)
Papercraft Norn - CuteIzzy21/Marvin42
Altered Mushroom.cos File - Pirate-Rob

CCSF 2011 Creatures Sampler: Adoptions of the Day[edit]

Burton and Christine - sam999
Fig G., Kazil and Quinca - Tisairy
Luna - Officer-1BDI
Fan, Grigory and Squeeloogle - Malkin
Sheelok - Fallowbelinda
Alfonso, Allie and Benkey - Laura
Mario - Chocosaurus
Beatrice - Doringo
Chado and Bairon - CharleyRogan
Sonic, Bingo, Esmerelda, Pinky, Robyn, Rowan Violet and a Bumper Bundle of fifty-seven Wolfling Run Fallow Norns - C-Rex
Jue and Jude - KC11
Betelgeuse, Victoria and Painless - Ghosthande
Jack and Aliena - Aliena
Forrest, Steve, Xell, Lucky, Tang, Fando, Two Tails and Purple Purple, Barbro and Lilo - Ylukyun
Lambdadelta - Kyubey
Daniel - CuteIzzy21/Marvin42
Tuula and Snaga - Minisauron
Babs and Paul - Caotic
Pinkiepie, Knight, Jade and Skye - Lusewing Assortment of Ettins and Grendels - Mea

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