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CCSF 2004

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Erin's forum banner

The Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2004 (or CCSF 2004) was the first annual Creatures Community Spirit Festival. The theme was "Christmas in July" and the event was coordinated by Erin. (Some sources cite Liam as a coordinator; it is unclear if this was the case from existing archives.) The event ran from July 25th, 2004 to July 31st, 2004.

This first CCSF differed from later iterations of the event: it was a single week long, with little time for preparation. Erin proposed the concept on July 1st on the Albia 2000 forums, inspired by Furcadia's regularly-scheduled community festivals and contests. The event was officially announced July 8th, with just 2.5 weeks' time to prepare before the start of the festival.

Releases & Events[edit]

Due to incomplete archives, no list of releases for the CCSF 2004 is fully known.

Planned events for the CCSF 2004 included the following.

  • COB / Agent releases
  • Creature adoptions and / or breed releases
  • Art contest
  • Writing / poetry contest
  • Forum games
  • Daily interviews with community members
  • Daily featured sites
  • A CCSF webring
  • Memories from the CC
  • Special forum avatars and signatures for use during the event

Some or all of the listed events may not have taken place, or may not have received submissions.

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