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CATO is a DS-only CAOS command that changes an object's classifier without changing its genus. By default it is at -1, so classifier is based on genus. The numbers 1-25 can be used to change the category of item to any item between 'hand' and 'potion' in the C3/DS genus numbers.


Syntax: CATO category(integer)

CATO is used when an agent needs to change it's classifier without having to create an entirely new agent.


CATO is used in Vampess's Capillata Umbilical Fix to change the umbilical to a door without changing its' original genus:

** CU (DS Side)
	new: comp 3 1 5 "capillata umbilical" 2 18 5000
** Can be activated by the hand, but is invisible to creatures.
	attr 4
	bhvr 1
	cato 2
	mvto 2612 9135

From Food that turns into edible detritus when eaten:

scrp 2 11 5000 12
	doif pose eq 0
		stim writ from 79 1
		pose 1
		cato 10
		emit 8 0
		targ from
		stim writ from 81 1
		kill ownr

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