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CAOS (command)

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CAOS is a CAOS function which injects code.


Syntax: CAOS inline (int) parented (int) p1 (anything) p2 (anything) commands (string) throw (int) catch (int) report (variable)

This executes the code contained in commands in a new virtual machine. If inline is non-zero, the local environment of the current script will be promoted to the new script. If parented is non-zero, FROM and OWNR will be propagated too, otherwise it will be run orphaned like an install script. p1 and p2 are sent to the script as _P1_ and _P2_ regardless of inline. Anything sent to the output stream by commands is returned as a string.

According to the CAOS documentation, if catch is non-zero the command will catch errors, return "###" and set report to the error as a string. However, experience appears to show that CAOS does this whatever the value of catch is.

throw is even more mysterious, but according to the documentation, if set to non-zero it will throw exceptions; otherwise it will return "***" on an exception and set report to the appropriate offset for the "caos" tag in CAOS.catalogue.

Note that all code in commands is run as non-blockable, i.e. INST.


The following can be used to allow arbitrary CAOS input, catching exceptions and errors and sending the result to the output stream. In an agent one would probably send to a text part instead.

* catch text entry, store in va00.
SETS va01 CAOS 0 0 0 0 va00 0 1 va02
DOIF va01 eq "***"
  DOIF va02 lt REAN "caos"
    SETS va01 READ "caos" va02
    SETS va01 "Unknown exception occurred, ID "
    ADDS va01 VTOS va02
ELIF va01 eq "###"
  SETS va01 va02
OUTS va01

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