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CAOS2PRAY is a format for embedding PRAY information into COS files, so that the coder doesn't have to write a separate PRAY file. It was invented by RProgrammer, and can be compiled into a .agents file using Jagent.


An example CAOS2PRAY source file for a .agents file containing a new snake agent and spritefile might be:

  *# Pray-File "Snakey.agents"
  *# C3-Name "Snakey C3"
  *# DS-Name "Snakey DS"
  *# attach snke.s16
  *# desc = "A polite critter"
  *# Agent Animation File = "snke.s16"
  *# Agent Animation String = "0"
  *# Agent Sprite First Image = 0
  *# Agent Animation Gallery = "snke"
  *# Web URL = "creatures.wiki"
  *# Web Label = "Creatures Wiki"
  new: simp 2 15 1000 "snke" 16 0 3500
  * etc...

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