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CAGE is a CAOS command that means "creature age", or life stage.


Syntax: CAGE

Returns the creature's life stage as an integer ranging from 0 to 7 in Creatures 1 and Creatures 2, and 0 to 6 in Creatures 3/DS. In Creatures 1 and 2, 0 represents 'embryo' while 1 represents 'baby' and 7 represents 'senile', while in Creatures 3/DS, 0 represents 'baby', so 6 represents 'ancient'.


It is often used in DOIF statements to affect one life stage differently than the others. For example, it is used in the breeding scripts for C3 and DS to make sure both creatures are at least adolescent before they can breed.

Being used to teach vocabulary to all baby creatures in C3/DS:

enum 4 0 0
	doif cage eq 0

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