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CABW is a CAOS command to do with lifts.


CABW (command) cabin_capacity (integer)

Set the capacity or width of the cabin. This will determine how many passengers the cabin can hold, each passenger will be on a separate plane within the cabin. Use CABP to set the plane of the first agent relative to the cabin. The default width is zero, this means that the cabin will accept any number of passengers and will place them all on the same plane.


From new lift script, in the installation of the lift object itself:

new: vhcl 3 1 1000 "tuto_new_lifts" 1 0 10
*Open air cabin
attr 512
*Creatures can push and pull
bhvr 3
*Define cabin properties
cabn 0 0 122 151
cabp 50
cabw 10
*ov00 = lift state (0 = still; 1 = moving)
setv ov00 0
*ov01 = current level (starts on bottom)
setv ov01 0
*ov16 = what button you're travelling to
seta ov16 null
*Mark this lift for later
seta va16 targ

*Add gate that keeps creatures in (probably)
pat: dull 1 "tuto_new_lifts" 1 0 0 200
*Add buttons
pat: dull 2 "tuto_new_lifts" 2 90 65 1
*Move to desired location
mvto 74160 71485