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C2toDS (Geat masta)

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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.
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C2toDS was a project in development that had a similar goal to C12DS, bringing the Creatures 2 Albia to the Capillata. Geat_masta was the sole creator of this project, although it has since been patched by others, most notably Zhrael91. This edition of C2toDS has been on hiatus for several years.

Geat_Masta has put up an archive of almost all of the sounds and images from Creatures 2 in case anyone without Creatures 2 is interested in taking up the project again. It can be downloaded here (19.6 MB) (down, formerly at www.fluffabelle.net/Geat_Masta/C2_to_DS_Dev.tgz)

Temporary: Some of the project files are temporarily available for download at the Archivist. Downloads are here.. The project files are also available to download at Eemfoo.org.

To Be done[edit]


  • The weather system
  • The Shee's evil eye
  • Most Overlay images
  • Some Animations





  • Ball
  • Top
  • Punchgun
  • Toy Dog
  • Punching bag
  • Guitar
  • Spring
  • Tennis Ball
  • Car
  • Slinky
  • Top



  • Lifts
  • Chemical mixing machine
  • Splicer


  • Waterfalls
  • Cheese machines
  • Crabs
  • Frogs
  • Vibrophone

External links[edit]

Archived project links[edit]

These are the places where you can find more information on the subject. Be sure to check them out because they might have some cool downloads too!

Separate files:

Separate files by others:

Installation Notes:[edit]

After unzipping the full copy of C2toDS (available from the official C2toDS site), make sure you right click on the mng file, and uncheck 'read-only', and then put the .mng file in the Sounds folder. (The Movers need to be downloaded separately. They have a different download system.)

Geat_masta's version of C2toDS overlaps with Blockworld, Scribble Room, and Ettin Beach.

C2 to Ds Additions - Via Nova - a site which discusses alterations that can be made to Geat Masta's C2toDS.

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