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C2 Walking Tendril

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C2 Walking Tendril

The C2 Walking Tendril is a plant for DS that acts like an animal. It was converted from the C2 version by Clohse.

When injected, a single seed falls somewhere in the lower Norn Meso area and sometimes, rarely, on the higher decks. The tendril will sprout very quickly upon contact with soil, growing to full maturity fairly soon after. When the plant is fully grown, it will walk around (although very slowly) dropping the occasional seed which are full of yummy starch for your norns.

The plant is a bit scary looking but it's perfectly safe for norns. Due to some unknown biological factors, seeds are unable to sprout if there is already a tendril on the ship. The result is, there will be only one tendril at a time. Seeds will continue to stay until they are eaten or they sprout, remaining unrotted for long periods of time, possibly forever.

Download at Creatures Caves.