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C2 Organs

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Creatures 2 diagram showing the different functions of the organs.

Organs are an innovation of C2. They contain different gene functions, and the health of the organ determines how well those genes and bodily functions occur. The natural aging process and disease damages organs, but they can be repaired somewhat by medicines. According to the Genetics Kit, in a Generation 1 Norn there are 20 organs.

CNS - Drive Lobe Support[edit]

This connects the drive lobe with the rest of the creature's body. Contains several receptors, emitters, and reactions.

CNS - Concept Lobe Support[edit]

This connects the concept lobe with the rest of the creature's body.

CNS - Decision Lobe Support[edit]

This connects the decision lobe with the rest of the creature's body.

Time's Arrow[edit]

Controls aging.

Environmental Interface[edit]

Senses the external environment, such as air quality, light availability, etc. Also senses the species, gender, and kinship of nearby creatures.


This regulates energy consumption of muscles during exercise.


Controls oxidation - glucose and oxygen become heat and dissolved carbon dioxide. ADP becomes ATP. Injured by cyanide.


There are two separate lung organs. They control breathing.


When a creature is in peril, the liver converts glycogen into glucose. The liver also detoxifies a creature from alcohol, ammonia, lactate, and cholesterol.

Pancreas Beta Cells (Insulin Activity)[edit]

Converts excess glucose into adipose tissue or glycogen.

Pancreas Alpha Cells (Glucagon Activity)[edit]

When glucose is too low, converts adipose tissue and glycogen to glucose.


Starch, Fat and Protein from food is broken down into glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids.


An excretory organ, water and metabolic products are released here, including urea and in some genomes, bile acid.


Refers to the bone marrow and controls immune function/healing. Often killed by heavy metals.


Creates antibodies to fight against antigens.


Cools the creature by sweating.


Contains most of the reproductive genes and produces sex hormones.


Present in females. A female needs a uterus to become pregnant and lay an egg. In the original Creatures 2 genome, there was an error where a gene intended for the heart, where excess fat would hurt that organ, instead affected the uterus, causing widespread female infertility. source

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