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C2 Crabs for C3/DS

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This agent installs the crabs from the Creatures 2 Albia into the Capillata and Ark. They are a good protein source for water-dwelling norns (such as the Aquanorns) and helps to keep water clean.

Created by AquaShee at Albian Oceans. They are currently available at Creatures Caves.

They come from a vendor, and have three life stages.

In the egg stage, they wait to hatch. Up to ten crabs can hatch from these eggs, and the eggs will only hatch in water. When they hatch, they begin the second life stage.

In this life stage, they are classed as critters, and are a tasty snack for your norns. After a while, they will grow into the third life stage, in which they are classed as beasts, and can still be eaten, but will give your norns a nasty pinch. Because the second and third life stages are classed differently, you can teach your norns to stay away from the grown up ones, which can hurt them.

Also, the crabs in the second and third life stages will always try to go back to water when put on land, making it hard for your normal norns to catch them without drowning. In time, the crabs will die, either by starvation or old age, but hopefully not before they lay eggs. They almost never all die out, as if one dies, the rest will eat the detritus left over.

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