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Classic Grendel

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The C1 Grendel is the default Grendel breed in Creatures. It has nearly identical genetics to Norns, with the exception that it was designed to be infertile. It is only a rumour that their genes cause them to prefer hitting to kissing Norns - it has been proven this behaviour is caused by a CAOS code. The Grendel Friendly COB fixes the script that does this.

In a normal game there is only one C1 Grendel in the world at a time. Grendels spawn from the Grendel Mother, on the top level of the large tree that lies next to one of the world's oceans.

It only comes with sprites and body data for the adult life stage, (and the Grendel Mother only lays males by default) but there have been various third-party baby and pensioner sprites made for the C1 Grendel:

Bio Storm and Don both made conversions of the C1 Grendel for Creatures 2; a Creatures 3 conversion (with voice included) can be found in C12DS.

In September 2012, Jessica released the Complete Updated C1 Grendel. This download includes all of the sprites and body data files for the male and female Grendels. Updates are mostly cosmetic, but also include important fixes to certain gait and pose problems present with the original versions of the C1 Grendel.

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