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C1 CAOS Codes

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In Creatures 1, CAOS commands (macros) can be injected using the Genetics Kit or Creatures Commander.


Effect CAOS Code
Take the hand to the garden sys: cmra 3400 650
Take the hand to the island sys: cmra 7200 350
Take the hand to a random grendel (in the default game, this goes to the only grendel) rtar 4 2 0 doif targ ne 0 sys: camt endi
Select a random grendel. rtar 4 2 0 setv norn targ endm
Unfreeze paused eggs. enum 2 5 2 doif obv2 eq 2 setv obv2 0 endi next
Move all grendels to the bridge next to the grendel tree. enum 4 2 0 rndv var2 5000 5700 mcrt var2 600 next
Move all norns to the garden. enum 4 1 0 rndv var0 3400 4000 mcrt var0 930 next
Make all eggs hatch as male. enum 2 5 2 setv obv1 1 next
Make all eggs hatch as female. enum 2 5 2 setv obv1 2 next

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