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C-Rex's Creatures Kingdom

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  • Webmaster: C-Rex

Created in early 2009, C-Rex's Creatures Kingdom was C-Rex's first ever Creatures website. It is the predecessor to C-Rex's current website, The Norn Nebula.

Summary Of Content[edit]

C-Rex originally planned the website to feature pages with different themes, such as a library for example. Each page would have a little Creature character with it's own commentary.

The final website would have included:

  • A Creaturey (a daycare for creatures)
  • An Adoption Center
  • A marketplace (a collection of different Cobs)
  • A signpost (a page containing links to other websites)
  • A library (a page linking to the Creatures Wiki)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Kingdom Community Room (Forums)

Due to C-Rex's lack of web-design knowledge and actual limitations with webs.com (the company hosting the website) itself, the final result was an extremely cheap, ugly, poorly-designed website with no theme whatsoever. As a result, C-Rex removed it weeks after it was made.