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C-Rex joined the Creatures Community on the 25th of January 2008. He got his first game in the Creatures series, Creatures 2, in 1998, but being only four at the time found it too confusing to play properly, but four years later his father found the old CD and he was soon hooked. He eventually received Creatures Triple Pack as a birthday present in December 2007 and his first ever genetic breed, the Pink Strawberry Norns, were released the following year. He also also created five additional genetic breeds for both C2 and C3/DS, his latest being the Albian Ant Norns released in 2013.

C-Rex has been running his own Creatures blog/website, The Norn Nebula, since 2009, and in his free time he enjoys drawing, 3D modelling, writing, and playing video games. He also runs a YouTube gaming channel and enjoys making electronic music. Also, along with Laura, C-Rex runs the Norn Nebula Discord Server.

C-Rex is currently studying a BA (Hons) in videogame art.


  • Gender: Male
  • Favourite Game: Creatures 2
  • Age: 23
  • Games: Creatures 2, Creatures Triple Pack, Creatures: The Albian Years (GOG), Creatures Exodus (GOG), Creatures Village (GOG)
  • Main Platform: Windows 10
  • Country: United Kingdom

Creatures 2 Creations[edit]

Creatures 3/Docking Station Creations[edit]


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