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In the TempBu folder of C:\Program Files\Creatures, you will find a small text file called Bustr.txt. In this file will be one of two poems. Here is the original:

Hunting scuba cows (A Poem)

Pebbles are not edible. It is fruitless to try eating them.
I have not eaten a sandwhich in many days.
Despair not for Wednesdays.
Salmon unite.
Boo hoo.


Here is another:

Surfing with the Fridge (Prose)

Pigeons cannot lick their own necks. This rarely appears to impede them.
Gone are the days when whelks could sing.
Be fearful of crimping shears.
Root vegetables, be free.
I sob openly.


These were written by Peter Chilvers - as described in this post to alt.games.creatures, the directories needed something in them in order to be created, and so he made a text file.

See also Bustr3.txt and Len the Pen