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The BunchaStuff COB pack was made by Mr NStuff.

It contains:

  • Drive Reducing Drug
  • Drinking Update (different from the CL drinking update)
  • Deadly Cap Update - changes the deadly mushrooms to fruit and plants instead.
  • Eat it! - if a creature tries to push or pull a fruit or food, they eat it. Also included is a cob to remove this function.
  • Egg Pauser
  • Floating Creatures
  • Freezer - freezes the selected creature.
  • Get Target!
  • Grendel Scarey Mask
  • Kill Object!
  • Two Door Update
  • Medical Dispensor
  • Queen Ant Update
  • Say Need Update
  • Say Need Wacky
  • Sex it up Norn
  • Sex it up Grendel
  • Sex it up Ettin
  • Target Random Norn
  • Target Random ALL
  • Wall Avoidance
  • Death Script Update - makes ettins and grendels die like norns.
  • Jellyfish Update
  • Egg layer
  • Update action 0 and a remover for the update - encourages creatures to drop what they're holding when startled (and avoid creatures clutching onto painful bees)
  • Purple Doozer Update
  • Slap & Tickle Update and a remover for this
  • Lift Adjuster nStuff

It is available at AmberCreatures.

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