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Bulbous Grendel

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Bulbous Grendel promo image
Bulbous Grendel promo image
Bulbous Grendel, male and female

The Bulbous Grendel was the original grendel in Creatures 2. It was ugly, slow, and dumb as rocks - in stark comparison with the norns, which were cute, nimble, and dumb as rocks. (see OHSS).

The Bulbous Grendels lived in the old volcano and stood virtually no chance of survival. To the left there was an airlock for the sub, which the grendels could walk into and drown themselves. To the right there was a long drop into the volcano, which was highly radioactive and slowly destroyed their bone marrow. If they got out of that there was a 'swamp' that had many poisonous Deathcap Mushrooms.

When breeding norns in Creatures 2, the player rarely encounters grendels. Contrary to their description, Bulbous Grendels do get reward for hitting another creature, but have no instinct to do so in the first place.

Modifications and Conversions[edit]

NornenMeister has made a winged version from the Bulbous Grendels, the Winged Bulbous Grendels.

C2 Grendel for C3/DS

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