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Various lifestages of the Botanoid

This plant-like machinery will grow on any surface but soil. Botanoid seeds appear as small flying screws, and are classified as gadgets, so your creatures cannot eat them. Unlike many living agents, the Botanoid is not plant at all but is recognized as machinery by creatures. When a Botanoid stalk first emerges, it releases several shades of pink spheres which provide food, fruit and seeds for your hungry creatures. These spheres eventually decay and vanish if not eaten. The Botanoid will then produce a floating flower that changes color. When the flower disappears, seeds are released. Botanoid seeds will not grow if they land too close to an existing Botanoid plant, and if the seed does not find a suitable space, it will disappear.

Sprites done by Moe, CAOS scripted by AquaShee. The Botanoid can be downloaded from Creatures Caves and Eemfoo.org, although its home was Albian Oceans. A portable Botanoid launcher is available at GameFreak's Lab.

This agent is compatible with OS X