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BonnieShee is a member of Albia 2000 (joined on Dec 24, 2005), and a member of Creatures Caves (joined Jan 06, 2006). She also frequents the Gameware Forums where she is known as Bonsh. She plays Docking Station under the name BonnieDudette or Maraha. She enjoys cooking, eating chocolate, and, of course, playing Creatures. She is an artist as well, and is working to improve her drawing ability. She is a Mod at Draconorn's The Official Club Albia Forums.

She plays Creatures 1, and has been known to lament about the lack of fellow C1-players. She was working on the Spot Norns with Orfeo and Blue_eyed_alley_catz. You can follow the development of the Spot Norns in the Albia 2000 thread.