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Boney Grendel

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Boney Grendel

Boney Grendel

Species Grendel
Breed slot Grendel Slot C
Game Creatures 2
Creator Lis Morris

The Boney Grendels were created by Lis Morris for Creatures 2, using prototype grendel sprites. They only have one set of sprites (adults) and both sexes look identical. This Grendel:

  • is more intelligent than the Bulbous Grendel - not susceptible to OHSS
  • is virtually immune to heavy metal poisoning caused by radioactivity in the volcano
  • can be longer-lived, given the right circumstances.
  • has the personality of a bully - it likes beating norns up but runs away if you give it a few slaps
  • comes with the Boney Grendel Update, which allows them to breed
  • can dance (when appropriate)

Another name for the Boney Grendel was the Grenzel. The original pair of Boney Grendels available were named Grendenile (F) and Figgle (M).


  • Arnout's Boney Grendels use the same breed slot as Angelnorn's earlier conversion, Grendel Slot C. They were released with several alternative genomes, including a 2017 genome and a True Coldblood genome.

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Boney Grendel RenderBoney Grendel Pack

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