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Bondi Norn

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Bondi Norn Female

The Bondi Norns were the first breed to be released by Creature Labs in conjunction with the Docking Station Story. You could only buy the Bondi Norns at the Gameware Creatures Mall, but they are expected to be officially re-released as free DLC when Creatures Gold is re-released on Steam in December 2021.

Species Specifics[edit]

The Bondi Norns are carefree creatures. They tend to live longer than other norns and are slow to anger. Their lack of activity means they don't need as much food as other creatures, though they do have a preference for critters. Bondi Norns are a bright sea-blue color, and inexperienced owners may confuse the genders, for the males have long, blonde, curly hair (just like a surfie at Bondi), while the females have a simple tuff of ginger hair atop their heads.

This breed is packed with a Crobster maker (a delightful machine that produces crab-like critters called Crobsters for your norns to eat), a Didgeridoo (a new musical instrument) and a Giant Beach Ball for all your norns to play with.

Editnorn.png Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

As the Bondi Norn Story indicates, the Lone Shee stumbled upon an alternative Albia one day while exploring the Warp, where he discovered a tropical paradise and its beach-loving inhabitants, the Bondi norns. The lack of grendels in the area had allowed the Bondis to evolve into a lazy but peaceful breed. Intrigued, the Lone Shee took a few eggs and toys back to the Capillata for further analysis.

The Lone Shee dubbed the strange Albia Bondi, which is supposedly a Shee term for, "Jolly nice place for a holiday, but not a sign of tea or cookies to be found."

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