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Not to be confused with Bondi Norns.

In the Docking Station Story, Bondi is the alternate version of Albia where the Lone Shee encounters Bondi Norns.

The world is a tropical beach paradise, featuring shallow azure oceans. Although it has a small population of Ettins, there are no Grendels to be found. In regards to ecology, Bondi is home to crobsters, which had their genetics analyzed and replicated by the Lone Shee. The Lone Shee names the world "Bondi", an ancient Shee term meaning "jolly nice place for a holiday, but not a sign of tea or cookies to be found".

The Lone Shee finds beachballs and didgeridoos on Bondi. However, unlike many other places inhabited by norns, the world has no cheese at all.

Bondi does not feature as an in-game location.