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Bonadrey Nornery

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"Bonadrey Nornery is dedicated to establishing a standard preserving and bettering the best qualities of Type 2, Purple Mountain, and Forest Norns. Norns are selectively bred for intelligence and musical ability. In a peaceful, grendel-free atmosphere, they enjoy delectable and nutritious food, a wide variety of musical instruments, many toys, and the pleasure of conversing with each other in Polari, the almost-extinct British theatrical jargon."


  • Web address: www.diac.com/~mokus/bonadrey.html (down, see archive)
  • Webmistress: Mokus (Martha Brummett)
  • Ran from/to dates: 22 February 1998 - 11 February 1999 (last update)

Summary Of Content[edit]

History Of Website[edit]

Interesting Facts[edit]

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I'm still here! Still communicate with Nutter and Frimlin.