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BoBCoB is a suite of programs for editing COBs by BoBWarE. It consists of:

  • BoBCoB itself - a COB editor
  • SpriteEditor - a sprite file editor
  • COBPackager - a compression tool with a special self-extractor for installing Creatures files.

BoBCoB also allows the Doctor cheat, Darwin cheat, Cheese cheat, and Skirty cheat registry edit cheats to be enabled.

BoBCoB is available from the BoBWarE website. The source code is available from doXXX's website (www.doxxx.net/bobcob/), (he was known as Gordnorn in the Creatures Community).

If you are having trouble with installing this program on Windows XP, Don has a solution at AmberCreatures (direct link). The XP edition has been reported to work on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

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