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The Biodome

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The Biodome Project is a unique new metaroom for Creatures 3 and Docking Station.

Similar to Terra, it has a changeable background, allowing you to pick from several themes - underwater, desert, rainforest and more. A complicated weather system works in unison with this, changing patterns according to the theme you've chosen.

A control panel allows you to control some of the CA and smells, which will also change automatically with the theme. This allows you to make it nice and hot for your Magma Norns even when using the rainforest theme! Humid rainforest. Ick. Some critters and plants depend on certain things to be and not be there - so you have to keep that in mind when playing around with it.

This room was worked on by Shee Labs, in association with Liam and Nirax.

The project was revived with the CCSF 2006. [1]

In 2010, Liam called for assistance in finishing off some of the areas. (archive)

It was released for download during the CCSF 2011, with the companion Biodome Object Pack.