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BioLabs started back in the C2 days when Mathew Holmes started on the creation of The Borg Norns. Then it was called (may need editing) BioLab Productions. There were quite a few people in the group making the breed possible. It wasn't until after they were published that a new member appeared. His name was Sean. He took on the name of BioNorn after getting involved with the group. After some time the group slowly disbanded when C3 was released. The group worked together for about 2 years before moving on to other things.

After C3 was released, BioNorn quickly made the first 3rd party breed for C3 modeling after Ali and Lis Morris's Angel Norns for C2, however changing them to be something different. BioNorn after getting a lot of attention from the breed looked to reopen BioLab Productions but did not want to infringe on what he was taught and had learned from his years spent with the group. So in honoring the name he modified it to BioLabs Projects and spent quite a few many months trying to acquire skilled people in C3 CAOS, agent, and room production. After some time 5 people joined the group and the name became official with the release of the Trident Norns and briefly after that released their first metaroom the Hydroponics Bay. After the group was familiar with all the aspects of C3, the group then turned their full attention to the development of the Borg Norns for C3.

After the release of the Borg Norns, never officially finished, the group again slowly went their own ways...

Alex Twigg - CAOS Antti Valli - CAOS & Sprites Russel S/nillion42 - CAOS
Sean (BioNorn) - Genetics & Sprites
Tina Hirsch - CAOS & Programming
Lis Morris - Genetics, Brain/Behavioral Coding

As of Sept. 8th 2010 BioLabs is currently in waiting... Wait to see some information under BioNorn in the future...