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Nacon (formerly Bigben Interactive) is a French video game company based in Lesquin. It designs and distributes gaming accessories, and publishes and distributes video games for various platforms.[1][2] In 2020 Bigben Group was consolidated to form Nacon.[3] Bigben Interactive was established in 1981.[4]


In 2001, the company reached an agreement with Sega to distribute the remaining stock of Sega's Dreamcast consoles, accessories and software across Europe.[5] Bigben were the publishers of Creatures 4 (later known as Creatures Online) from 2011[6] to 2016, and was the legal owner of the Creatures IP.[7] In December 2016, three years after Atari's initial bankruptcy sale, Atari sold the Test Drive franchise to Bigben Interactive.[8] The V-Rally series was also sold to Bigben Interactive around this time without a formal announcement.[9] Through 2020, Bigben Interactive was subsidiary of the Bigben Group, which also oversaw Nacon, its video game accessory company. On 11 February 2020, the parent company announced they were merging Bigben Interactive and Nacon into a single entity to go as Nacon.[10] In January 2021, Nacon announced that it had acquired Australian video game developer Big Ant Studios.[11] On 1 March 2021, video game developer Frogwares alleged Nacon illegally hacked and published a pirated version of their game, The Sinking City, on Steam in February 2021 during an ongoing distribution dispute between the two companies.[12][13] In August 2021, Nacon acquired Crea-ture Studios.[14] In October 2021, Nacon acquired Ishtar Games.[15]


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