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Big Fat Norn

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Big Fat Norn Male

The Big Fat Norns are a genetic breed that were originally in development by C-Rex during late 2009, but were revived in mid-2011 after a period of inactivity. They are a humorous breed that resemble morbidly obese Bruin Norns.

Big Fat Norns are different to normal Bruin Norns in many ways other than appearance; when bored, they will become hungry and will seek food, and consequently they spend most of their time eating. Due to this it is recommended that there is either a sustainable supply of food is available throughout the Capillata, or plenty of toys to keep your Big Fat Norns occupied.

The Big Fat Norns require the body sprites of the Cave Norns and have not been tested with Creatures 3. C3 users should use them at their own risk, as there is no guarantee that they will work correctly.

The Big Fat Norns can be downloaded here.

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