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Better Albia

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Better Albia 1.5, loaded in the Room Editor.

Better Albia is a Room Editor template by GimmeCat which fixes a suite of issues with rooms in the Albia of Creatures 2. These fixes include smoothing out steep edges which crawling creatures (babies) have trouble with, widening lift shafts so that they no longer cause pain to creatures, and fencing cliff edges. GimmeCat recommends the "Two Door Update" from the BunchaStuff COB pack and Albian Updates alongside Better Albia.

Additional compatibility patches are available in the "Better Albia Extras" COB for popular world fixes, including the Bridge and Barrier Pack, Ocean Bridges, Horn to Volcano Doorway and Plato Project. The extras pack also includes a cliff edge remover to stop creatures becoming terrified by cliff edges.

Version 1.5 includes the Stop Wallbonking! fix by GimmeCat, and a patch for the God Object issue.

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