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Beth is (or used to be, at least) a frequent contributor at Creatures Caves. She was previously present on include JRChat and #creatures, and she is now to be found on Sine and MSN. Beth used to maintain a Creatures website called The Descendants of Albia, and was the initial creator of the Creatures Copyright Center. She was also a resident of New Tiburon and a participant in Survivor.

Beth likes cookies.

During her residency on the Active Worlds world of Tiburon, Beth made a shocking post on AGC and announcing that she was dying of cancer. Many people sent their condolences to her. A few weeks later (November 2000) it was revealed that Beth was not actually dying; many people believed that she had made up the whole thing to gain attention. Unfortunately, a few months later another member of the community did die of a cancer-related stroke, Jewels.