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Betaship favplace.png
Betaship v2.0 morning background

Betaship is a Github metaroom project. It's a spacious metaroom featuring a visible day/night cycle and heat emitters that vary depending on the current season. The Favorite Places icon of the Betaship dynamically changes depending on the season and the time of day. All images are placeholders and everyone's free to submit more and/or new content to the room.

The biomes[edit]

There are 4 areas with a different climate:

- The outside world is a saltwater environment

- The lower left dome is an arctic environment, it's always cold here, but in summer it doesn't snow.

- The middle dome is a temperate climate. In winter it will snow, during spring and fall it will rain.

- The lower left dome is a desert climate. It's very hot and dry.

The background[edit]

The metaroom contains 3 different backgrounds: a night, morning/evening and day background. The shown background will change according to the ingame time.

External Links[edit]

Betaship linkback icon.png

https://pillazilla.wordpress.com/2017/11/25/meta-the-betaship/ - Pilla's blog post with more information

https://github.com/pareldraakje/betaship/releases/ - the Betaship github repository

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