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Bee (C3)

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Bee (Bombillius lisasillius)[edit]

Bees in Creatures 3 spend most of their time living within hives found on the trees in the Norn Terrarium.


Whenever a Norn or the Hand disturbs their nest, a large swarm of bees will emerge from the nest and chase their victim, stinging them if they get too near. Occasionally the nest will produce a queen bee that will go on to form new nests.

If there are too many bees, the Hand can kill them by slapping them.

Bees play a vital role in the ecology of the Norn Terrarium, pollinating plants and helping them flourish, but unlike the bees found in Creatures/Creatures 2 they do not produce honey. Also, like Ants, Bees can only nest in a few predefined locations, making it impossible to introduce them to other parts of the Ark.

Did you know? The Bees found in Creatures 3 are probably Bumble bees because they cannot produce honey.

Food web[edit]

Predators: Prey:
  • None Known

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