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Beanie Baby Vendor

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The Beanie Baby Vendor (1.3) randomly dispenses different kinds of Beanie Babies. The Beanie Baby Vendor is called "vendor" and the Beanie Babies are called "shower". See how many different kinds of Beanie Babies your Creatures can collect!

This vendor contains Set #1 of Beanie Baby sprites. You may collect additional sets of sprites from Spotling's Norn and Grendel Paradise.

These are the effects when a Creature pushes a Beanie Baby:

The Beanie Baby Vendor uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 8 235
  • 2 12 242

Visit http://www.ty.com to see the real Beanie Babies. Collect some of your own!

This COB clashes with the Happy Juice Vendor.

Download the Beanie Baby Vendor at Eemfoo.org.