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Bea's Heaven of Norns

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Bea's Heaven of Norns
Bea's Heaven of Norns
"Where Norns and Breeders are happy!"
Webmaster Beatrice
URL http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Ring/8167/ (down, Archived)
Established Unknown
Closed October 19th, 1998 (first and last recorded update), October 26, 2009 (closure of Geocities)
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Kickass Creatures WebRing, The Lost Creatures: The Shee, Loving Norns,
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Bea's Heaven of Norns was a Creatures 1 website run by Beatrice. It hosted a large number of creature downloads, mostly Norns, as well as a selection of COBs.

Summary of Content[edit]

  • Guestbook
  • Coming Soon: At some point, there were plans to expand the site's downloads and add a homepage for Creatures 2.
  • Many adoptable creatures organized by type: The Norn-Exchange, Very Special Norns, Grendel-Exchange, and Grorns-Exchange.
  • Norn-Types: A page showcasing the official Norn breeds, plus two 3rd-party breeds, the Pow-Wow Norns (erroneously called "Indian Norns") and the Trek Norns.
  • Norn-Genes and Grendel-Genes: Genome files for interesting creatures.
  • Two pages for downloads: COBs, which contained 3rd-party COBs, and Downloads, which contained official resources and add-ons.
  • Links: Links and banners for other Creatures sites.
  • Awards I have won
  • Win my Award: Instructions for submitting a site for the Heaven-of-Norns-Award, awarded on the 25th of every month.
  • Creatures-Chat: A simple page that says "Get NetScape! MSN and AOL SUCK!".
  • Cemetary
  • Tips&Hints
  • Webrings: The page for Bea's Heaven of Norns' many webrings.
  • My Dragon: Bea's webpage pet, Willi the Dragon.