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Fruit Bat

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A fruit bat carrying an acorn.

Fruit Bats originally appeared in Creatures 2. In Albia there are three bats who will spend the day sleeping in an upside down position next to each other. Despite the game classifying them as badcritters, they appear to be harmless towards creatures.

When it is evening all three bats will immediately wake up and separate in order to find food. Their diet consists solely of fruit and the bats are willing to travel very far in order to obtain it. Bats are one of the few creatures, alongside the two types of native butterfly, that are this willing to travel great distances around their world in order to obtain food. Other flying creatures, including bees and birds, are more concentrated in certain areas as they have a tendency to stick near their homes, this being hives and nesting areas.

A bat that is approaching fruit it has noticed on the ground below will approach very slowly, moving backwards and forwards, as if examining all the fruit and plants it sees below it. It will then fly very close to the ground, but although this is done very slowly and precisely, it does not always lead to the bat feeding. Sometimes the bat will leave and end up feeding on fruit elsewhere. A bat that has found fruit it wishes to eat, however, will lower itself onto the fruit and will devour the piece of fruit swiftly. There is also the case (as pictured above) that instead of devouring fruit in place, a bat will carry its food and devour it at a slightly later time.

Bats are also fairly unique creatures in that they will always be able to free themselves in order to return home as the sun is rising. Although bats do not return at the exact same time together, each individual bat will always make it back to its home in the early morning in order to sleep.


With the addition of the Fungi Update, the fruit bats can predate the rainbowy mushrooms to extinction. Zap created a Modified Bats COB which altered the bats to stop them from eating the fungi patches.

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