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Basilisk Norn

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Basilisk Norns

The Basilisk Norns were created by Dragoler. As a part of The Wrong Banshee's story, "Drascel" the first Basilisk Norn was created from the splicing of an Ettin, an Uglee and a tea leaf for the purpose of creating a lab assistant who resembles a Grendel but doesn't act or smell like one. The Basilisk Norns are long lived, highly adapted to desert environments and are capable of photosynthesis. They are indifferent to aggression directed towards them, but become confused and panicked by positive interaction. They have no interest in breeding until they reach the old life stage.

The Basilisk Norns occupy Grendel slot I, and are available to download at Creatures Caves and also at Eemfoo.org. Their sprites are used in the Uglee Grendels.