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Base Genome

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A Genome Base or Base Genome is a genome that is not intended to be a unique breed in and of itself, but rather applied to base genetics of the game as a whole. Often genome bases are developed with the intent of fixing, enhancing, or adding complexity to different aspects of the gameplay experience. Common third-party C2 genome bases include the Canny and Nova Subterra norns, while CFE and TWB are common C3/DS bases.

Base genomes are usually, though not always, fundamentally incompatible with one another. Due to the nature of the changes involved, crossbreeding creatures from different genome bases tends to result in nonviable offspring. For this reason, players generally choose a single genome base for use in a world.

Comparison of Common C3/DS Base Genomes[edit]

DS Vanilla (ChiChi) Gizmo Enhanced ChiChi CFE CFF 2017 TWB v3
Naming Convention norn.chichi06.ex47.gen norn.chichi.gizmo.gen norn.chichi.enhanced.gen norn.chichi.cfe.gen norn.chichi.cff.1.gen norn.chichi.2017.gen norn.chichi.twb.gen
Last Known Update 2001 2002 2007 2008 2015 2017 2019
ForF Support Lobe[1] No No ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immutable Pose Genes No ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immutable Navigation Genes No ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immutable Digestive System No ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immutable Timeline No ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drive -> Comb tract Learning fix[2] No ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Re-balanced digestive system[3] No Yes No No No No No
Glucose used in physical activity No No No No No No Yes
Glycogen and Adipose Tissue used in physical activity No No No No No Yes No
Pregnancy Cost[4] No No No No No No Yes
Vitamin C from fruit No No No No No No Yes
Damage to heart organ with high adipose No No No No Yes*[5] Yes Yes
'Swearing lets off steam' loop fix[6] No ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pain Overwhelmsion organ fix[7] No Yes ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fullness lobe No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Drowning Increases Fear No ? ? Yes No No No[8]
Drowning Increases Up Drive No ? Yes No Yes Yes No
Emergency Drowning Tract[9] No No No No No No Yes
Increased Thought Randomness No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
CFF Male Reproductive Overhaul[10] No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Tiredness Stress Emitter Fix[11] No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Hunger overwhelmsion organ[12] No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
CFF Bibble Reduction Tweaks[13] No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Responds to hand-spoken Yes/No No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Lactate Cycle Fix[14] No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Extended Feeding/Playing Instincts No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Variant Based Alcohol Reactions[15] No ? ? No Yes Yes Yes
Nesting Instinct/Egg Collecting[16] No Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes
Rare Color Variants No No No No No No Yes
TWB Thermal Regulation System No No No No No No Yes
TWB Oxygenated Blood System No No No No No No Yes
TWB Immune System Overhaul No No No No No No Yes
Penalty for the Old[17] No No Yes No No No No
Adrenaline/Fear Response to Grendels fix[18] No No No No No No Yes
Muscle Tissue Storage Fix[19] No No No No No Yes Yes
Instincts inspired by real animals No Yes No No No No No

See Also[edit]

Ancestry Tracker -- useful for noting the base genomes of creatures, particularly for sharing or warping.


  1. ForF Support Lobe: Allows creatures to remember who they like and dislike, see ForF lobe
  2. Drive -> Comb tract Learning fix: Alters tracts leading from the drive lobe to the combination lobe so they add to the values instead of completely overwriting them. [1]
  3. Re-balanced digestive system: A number of adjustments intended to maintain a balance of protein, fat, and starch (and their stored forms) in a creature's biochemistry. [2]
  4. Pregnancy Cost: Pregnancy drains a creature's protein storage over time and a minimum amount of muscle tissue is required for a creature to become pregnant
  5. CFFs technically have the gene to take heart damage with high adipose, but it typically does not happen because the genome does not store adipose effectively.
  6. Swearing lets off steam' loop fix: "The 'swearing let's off steam' stimulus reduces their crowdedness when they'd express, while the 'heard creatures speak' stimulus raised their crowdedness. This caused a feedback loop in the tract which made them stand around, expressing their crowdedness. I fixed this by making the crowded chemical in the 'swearing lets off steam' gene silent, and thus not learned." [3]
  7. Pain Overwhelmsion organ fix: Fixes a typo wherein pain was converted into 'hungry for protein' backup drive instead of pain backup. [4]
  8. Drowning in TWB creatures generates Fear Backup rather than Fear directly.
  9. Emergency Drowning Tract: Creatures will attempt to go home when drowning. Requires the Sensorimotor Lobe Input script. [5]
  10. CFF Male Reproductive Overhaul: Several fixes including a testosterone emitter fix, a longer libido lowerer half-life to reduce the window of time that females are fertile. [6]
  11. Tiredness Stress Emitter Fix: Fixes an issue where Stress(Crowded) and Stress(Tired) are both tied to the same receptor-emitter, causing either drive to cause both kinds of stress at the same time. [7]
  12. Hunger overwhelmsion organ: An additional organ which allows hunger to overwhelm other drives when it gets high. [8]
  13. More information needed
  14. Lactate Cycle Fix: "Turns lactic acid into pyruvate when there is plenty of oxygen, Turns pyruvate into lactic acid when there is low oxygen, reaction is regulated by LDH. Not only does this cycle save the muscles if exposed to muscle toxin, it allows for lactic acid to act as a backup energy source when oxygen is low." Also deprecates the official lactate chemical due to it being an excessively common mutation and uses chemical 61 instead.[9]
  15. Variant Based Alcohol Reactions: Adds genes allowing several random additional variant reactions and/or behavioral effects from alcohol [10]
  16. Nesting Instinct: Holding eggs increases a creature's comfort drive, encouraging them to approach norn home. When peak of norn home smell is reached, creatures have an instinct to drop what they are carrying. [11]
  17. Penalty for the Old: Older norns gain pain, crowdedness, and have a reduce loneliness over time. They also tired easily and have reduced prostaglandin contributing to a weakened organ repair ability.
  18. Adrenaline/Fear Response to Grendels: Fixes previously non-functioning genes that were intended to give norns fear and adrenaline when grendels were present. [12]
  19. Muscle Tissue Storage Fix: Fixes the anabolic steroid locus so creatures store muscle tissue properly.[13]

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