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Banshee Water Predator

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A young male banshee water predator

The Banshee Water Predators are another aquatic grendel breed by Grendel Man. They are somewhat like the original Water Predators in the fact they feel homesick for water and can swim with the Aquanorn swimmeragent. They use the Banshee Grendel sprites instead of the C3 Grendel sprites, however. They are also based on the banshee genome. They do not eat seeds, food, or fruit. Instead, they eat critters and bugs. They also attack norns and get food from there, like the Vampire Grendels. They also are avid users of teleporters. They attack norns exclusively, and should leave ettins alone. They have an improved ability to get to water.

The Banshee water predators were available from KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus and Creatures @ CU7.

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