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Banshee Grendel

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Banshee Grendel male
Thought we needed an in-game image of one of these buggers. Seems so innocent and happy, that is until he beats the living crap out of an unsuspecting norn.

The Banshee Grendels are a breed created by Creature Labs which finishes off the Docking Station storyline. You could only buy the Banshee Grendel Pack at the Gameware Creatures Mall. As of 2013, Banshee Grendels, along with other Mall Breeds were unavailable, but they were officially re-released as free DLC when Creatures 3/DS were re-released on Steam in December 2021, and are also freely available to download at Eemfoo.org. The Banshee Grendel Story is extra-long and explains both their name and source.

The Banshee Grendel Pack comes with a Banshee Egg Stone, the Mecha-Grendel Toy, and improved voices for female Grendels. The Banshee Grendel genome is very similar to the Hardman Norn genome.

Did you know? The production name of the Banshee Grendels was the Brigand Grendels, and the two that beta-tester TreeSprite received had warped from a world named Brigand's Outpost.

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