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Banshee Ark

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Banshee Ark logo

The Banshee Ark is a metaroom project with 4 metarooms and a lot of new wildlife. It's available at the Banshee Ark github page.

The metarooms[edit]

Capillata Extension[edit]

The Capillata Extension modifies your capillata to have 3 floors instead of just one. The lower floor can be adjusted so it either contains freshwater, saltwater or atmosphere. If you have the Grendel Meso installed, the door to the Grendel Meso will appear at the top floor of the expanded Capillata

Grendel Meso[edit]

The Grendel Meso is a meso specifically for grendels, there is a Grendel Mother and enough fauna/flora to sustain a small population of Grendels (or other creatures). Injecting the Grendel Meso automatically adds the Expanded Capillata to your world.

Desert Hideout[edit]

The Desert Hideout is a small, hot desert area on the Banshee Ship.

Jungle Hideout[edit]

Coming soon.

Grendel Main[edit]

Coming soon.

The team[edit]

The Banshee Ark has been created by the Banshee Ark development team. The members of the team are Pilla, Jesseth, Uzag, CosmiSynth, Arnout and CeruleanSilver. Some of the graphics are drawn by Linda.

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External Links[edit]

https://github.com/pareldraakje/CCSF-Grendelpack/releases - Banshee Ark github

https://creaturescaves.com/bansheeark/ - Banshee Ark project site

https://eemfoo.org/archive/downloads/46ed - alternative download location