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Balloon Bug

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C3balloonbug ingame.png

Balloon Bug (Apterus claudinio)[edit]


The balloon bug seems to take great joy in floating around in the hot air currents created by the volcano. It also has the unique property of being an excellent food for the stickletrout in the Norn Terrarium, which otherwise die out by predation from the kingfisher. The stickletrout seem incapable of eating the balloon bug, but gain nourishment from it all the same.

The balloon bug is, as far as we know, unrelated to Norngarden 2's bubblebee.

Food web[edit]

Predators: Prey:

See also[edit]

  • Minor Fixes by Vampess includes a script that makes the balloon bugs not get stuck hopping around on the ground so much.
  • Edible, Pushable, Squishable Balloon Bugs by Malkin, includes Vampess's fix, but also makes it so that balloon bugs give stimuli when creatures interact with them. Allows creatures to swallow the bugs when they eat them, and pop the bugs when they hit them.
  • C3 Improved Desert Terrarium includes Vampess's and Malkin's fixes, but also makes it so that Balloon Bugs can now die of old age and makes their eggs visible.