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The Balloon is a vehicle made by Slink that can be made to go up, down, left and right easily by the hand, and with slight difficulty by norns. When the hand clicks on the upper half of the balloon, the balloon will go up. When the hand clicks on the lower left of the balloon the balloon will go down. When the hand clicks on the left side of the basket, the balloon goes left. When the hand clicks on the right side of the basket, the balloon goes right.

When the balloon is close to the ground it will slow its descent to help prevent "stopping between floors". It will also go straight down in most cases.

For the norns, Pull will make the balloon go up in all cases. However, Push gives left, right, and down randomly. Like cats in trees, norns won't be so good at getting down as they are up.

The Albian Black Hole patches are installed as a part of the Balloon installation to insure the safety of your norns. Only one balloon at a time is allowed in Albia.

Pushing the Emergency Recall button (which installs on the stone wall above the pump) will cause the balloon to return to its starting position in the garden and remain there, stationary. You must then land it.

V2.0 added color and an Emergency Recall button. Please remove Balloon V1.0 with the included Balloon V1.0 Remover.

The C1 class numbers used by Balloon are 3 2 210 and 2 3 210.

The Balloon can be downloaded from Eemfoo.org.

Did you know? The clay model for the balloon is owned by Steve Grand.

Did you know? There was a balloon in Creatures 0. source

The Balloon was an integral part of the Journey in the mythography of Creatures. It was a quest MacGuffin to be obtained from the Shee by bribing them with gifts, then filled with gas from the swamp of Loxley Mere, and used to sail over the Ragnarok Mountains.