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Ball Pack

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Creatures 2 COBs
Ball Pack

Ball Pack

Creator Nina
Download links Iggdrasil
Download mirror Creatures Caves

Ball Pack is a pack of eight toy COBs for Creatures 2. All of them reduce Loneliness and Fear to varying degrees in addition to functioning like the normal Albian ball. Many have other special effects. They are listed here in the order the COBs appear in the Injector:

  • Extra Blue and Green Ball: Reduces Anger, Stress, and Coldness, and provides Reward.
  • Extra Light Blue Ball: No additional effects.
  • Extra Pink Ball: Reduces Pain, Tiredness, and Sleepiness, as well as Hunger, which may be confusing for creatures.
  • Extra Red and Green Ball: Provides both Reward and, strangely, Reward Echo, but raises Fullness without providing nutrition, which may be confusing and detrimental.
  • Extra Violet Ball: Reduces Anger, Injury, and Suffocation, while providing Air. The author recommends this toy for creatures with mutations that make them constantly suffocating.
  • Extra Yellow Ball: Reduces Pain and Hotness, and greatly increases Sex Drive.
  • Extra Green Ball: No additional effects.
  • Extra Red and White Ball: This COB injects another of the regular ball toys that are already present in Albia. This means that removing it will remove all of those balls, useful if one wishes to clean them up.

The Ball Pack was created by Nina and was previously hosted on Iggdrasil.

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