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Background model

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Prototype home for Ron
Background to Creatures. Scale: 4.5ft high, 6ft long.

Believe it or not, most of the background imagery to Creatures was the result of actually creating a model with suitable additional decoration and digitally photographing it; subsequent touchups were made by Jason Riley and Colin Swinbourne to adjust the image to the technology of the time. The entire model fills three large display cases! Initially the idea of Steve Grand, it was drawn up by Mark Rafter and created by Complete Fabrications, a team of local model-makers who were used to making models for museums. Each case cost around £5,000 to make. The model did not include the desert island or mini-waterfall.

Jason Riley used Matador to composite the background model.

Did you know? The model had fairy lights (as shown) because there was originally intended to be a day and night in Creatures.

Two models - the Statue of Nornity/ocean scene (4ft long, 3ft wide, 5ft high) and the forest scene (6ft long, 3ft wide, 5ft high) - were auctioned in May 2010, and purchased by Spoony and Don respectively.

The large model, from the settlement to the kitchen, is currently owned by and displayed at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.


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