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BHVR in C1 is used to set simple objects' reactions to both clicks from the hand and actions from creatures.


Values for BHVR
Click - user interaction Touch - creature interaction
0 clicks have no effect 0 creature can take no actions
1 monostable: clicks activate, further clicks have no effect until object is inactive again 1 act1 (push)
2 retriggerable monostable: clicks activate even if already active 2 act 2 (pull)
3 toggle: 1st click activates, 2nd deactivates again 3 act 1 and act 2 (push and pull)
4 cycle: 1st click activate1, 2nd activate2, 3rd deactivate 4 deactivate
5 push and deactivate
6 pull and deactivate
7 push, pull and deactivate


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