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Autosave is a function that comes with all games in the Creatures series which automatically saves your game, so that in the event of a crash, your world can be restored to the last saved point. It is not enabled in cheat modes.

Creatures 3[edit]

The autosave in Creatures 3 can be altered with CAOS to make it happen more or less often, (as in the Advanced Autosaver) a manual save can also be coded.

Disable autosave with CAOS:

rtar 1 2 7 tick 0

Set autosave to 30 minutes - default (20 ticks/sec * 60 secs * 30 mins = 36000):

rtar 1 2 7 tick 36000

Docking Station[edit]

To permanently change how often the autosaver fires, the Bootstrap .cos file 010 Docking Station/DS autosave.cos can be altered using the CAOS Tool or a free text editor. Just change the tick at the top to 6000 or 12000 and reinject it using JECT.